Thursday, June 23, 2016

Spinning Bassbugs


Hair Bassbugs are by far my favorite method for pursuing warm-water haunts. However, they are time consuming to tie (at least for me) and I abuse a fly fishing lily pads and brush-filled edges. So I want a basic popper that's durable, easy to tie...and catches fish. Here is my favorite popper pattern and how I tie it.  Mind you, I am no expert in spinning hair & my technique will win no awards any time soon. But my purpose is to show you that it isn't as hard as it looks, and does not have to be fancy or complicated to catch fish. No special tools, no special glues or threads. Just your basic tools and materials. Don't let them intimidate you...grab some hair and start spinning.


No Fly Tyers were harmed in the making of this video

Hook:  #2 Gamakatsu Stinger
Thread:  6/0 Uni-thread
Tailing:  White Bucktail, neck Hackle Tip, Brown-barred Centipede Legs
Body:  Deer Body Hair

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