Sunday, October 30, 2016

Fall water with Fading Angler

Fading Angler on Pennsylvania Water

This past Saturday I had the privilege of both meeting and sharing water with Chris of "The Fading Angler" Blog. It was a day that proved enjoyable both in discussion as well as bring some really great trout to hand.

Fishing Creek near Benton Pennsylvania

Enter the Fading Angler

It didn't take Chris long at all to adjust to Pennsylvania water, with the first hook-up of the day.

From this point forward there was no way this day could not have ended up as a great memory.

Not long after Chris's Rainbow the stream granted me a beautiful fall brown. was going to be a great day indeed.

Moving upstream to skinnier water Chris again was on fish with no problem.

And another fine rainbow was brought to hand. The pic does no justice to the colors of this fish. 

Later in the day we moved back down to our starting point and were treated to a mix of a BWO's and Caddis. The fish were willing to cooperate as well.

At the end of the day the exclamation point to an already unbelievable day was my best trout on a fly rod. A fish that put on a display fitting for the day we had just experienced. 

I could not have asked for a better person to share the experience with.

Flies that caught fish:

#14 Tactical Caddis
#14 C2C Nymph
#10 Green Skittle
#16 Squirmy Wormy San Juan

After quite some time sharing stories, trials of life and a love for fly fishing, it was great to meet the man behind the blog. An event that seldom ever happens within our cyber communities. It was my pleasure, and I hope the smiles meant that it was as memorable a day for both of us.
Thanks Chris!

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