Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Winterfest 2017

The 9th Annual Winterfest Fly Fishing & Tying Conclave

For the normal person who dons a hat, pulls on waders & picks up a fly rod....THIS is not the scenario anticipated each year. However, for our gathering of Piscatorial misfits, it is the highlight of our year.  

Upon arrival on Saturday it was a balmy 28 degrees with intermittent sun and flurries. The fish didn't seem to mind however, and after a few minutes Eggs were identified as the soup-of-the-day.

Doug was the first to strike

I was fortunate to test my new Cane-and-Silk Glass on a 21" Hog of a rainbow.

The first hour was a good one.

The Cane & Silk threw a great loop and handled fish with ease. 

It handled both large fish and heavy nymph rigs matched with an SA Frequency magnum line.

As more folks arrived, we broke for warming toe and lunch.

Thanks to the host for the exceptional accommodations.

The break would prove eventful however, as the weather moved in with some snow.


Were cold. 

But the fish didn't mind.

Jim joins the gang, and begins to catch fish. Why? Because that's just what he does.

And his fly of choice?  The Rainbow. Tied by none-other than his Grand-daughter. How cool is that?

 Kaitlyns Rainbow

Jim did however invent the 1st ever "Sage Trot Line" technique. While crossing the creek to get some warmth he decided to drop his rig into the current at the head of a run. Once warm, he headed back and retrieved his rig at the tail-out of the pool below. 

Sadly, it did not render a trout. 

His version may differ from ours....since he does hold "piscatorial license" to the said event.

The afternoon would offer up my best trout of the trip.

The day would be capped with Prime rib, Potato Logs and beverage.

Morning would bring sun, with hopes of warmth.

Jim's camera at work.

The day would begin slow, but as the sun\hit the water, things picked up a bit.

For me, several fish hooked, and one landed. Hot fly on Sunday, was the Little Crappie Fly.

Little Crappie Fly

The fish of the event however belongs to Doug. A tremendous fish! Well done!

A truly great time on the water, shared with friends.

Many thanks to Ron and Chris for both their hospitality and friendship.

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