Monday, August 21, 2017

Cicadidae's Mother

The Unexpected yet Short Modeling Career of a Cicada

As a fly tier, certain things catch our eye or peak our curiosity in instances where non-tiers would see nothing more than a dead bug. Such was the case when I "stepped across" this unlikely modelling participant. Instantly I paused, thought to myself "Awesome, nothings broken!" And put it in my car.  Upon getting it home and a bit of studying I came to the realization that it in fact had several characteristics akin to "Whistler's Mother". 

1:  Neither this Cicada nor Whistler's Mother had planned on a modelling career on their given day.

2:  Both....only after close study....have truly amazing characteristics when applied to the canvas.

3:  Both needed to be propped up for the duration of their work.

4: And lastly, both appeared to have recently spend 10-13 years in the dirt.


After the piscatorial romance we fly tiers share with Entomologists passed over like a wave, I gathered up my model and headed for the bench.

Now, I am the first to admit, that I am not a "classically trained" realistic fly tier. I barely fall into the "trained at all" category. But like a 4 year old with a screw driver looking at a light socket...sometimes I just can't help myself. 

With materials at hand, and a process that developed as it went, here is what I came up with.  


The likelihood of this pattern ever being duplicated again, is extremely small. It WILL fished. 

Cicadidae's Mother Recipe

Hook:  2/0 Gamakatsu Stinger
Thread:  Black 3/0 Uni-thread
Body:  Brown & Green Fly Foam
Wing: Nylon Mesh
Abdomen:  Root beer and Black Shiraz
Legs:  Yelllow and Olive Centipede
Eyes:  Paracord W/Melted ends

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