Friday, December 8, 2017

Cane and Silk Glass Review

A little bit of Ice glass from Cane and Silk

Rocky Stream Series

7' 3/4wt 3-piece 

Ice glass with Chestnut wraps with Lemon tipping

So today the doorbell rings and the mail slot makes it's ceremonial metallic slam as letters hit the floor. "Mail AND a package!"

Outside I find a grey PVC tube addressed from Mike Kattner at Cane and Silk, and a chance to review another rod.  It's Christmas come early!

A Standard Build 7' 3-piece model from his "Rocky Stream Series" in "Ice Glass". At first glance it is classis Cane and Silk. Mikes builds a flawless rod. The anodized hardware and walnut spacer are clean and perfectly set. The cork is a very nice grade and tapers well-formed to the winding check. 

The chrome snake guides are spot-on straight, as is the orange agate stripping guide and the alignment dots are correct. The wraps are flawless and the lemon yellow tipping is a perfect touch.

The spigot ferrules are very nicely done, seat firm and have a nice 1/2" of spacing between sections. The rod came in a 3-section flannel rod bag and a shipping tube, but no rod tube. 

Choosing a Cortland DT4F Peach line on an Orvis new generation Battenkill II reel, the rod balanced exactly as you want it. Lawn casting was a great surprise. This little rod is no glass noodle. It is responsive, loads almost instantly with the DT 4 line, and threw 30ft loops as naturally as stirring a spoon in a cup of coffee.

Having already owned two C&S glass Dark Honey rods one each in both Standard and Eminence build, I am admittedly a fan of Mikes work. But I for one have been very  hesitant when it comes to the clear/white/ice glass rods fad. Maybe it stems form my dislike for the early Wonderrods? Nevertheless, I was a bit skeptical. However, the quality of build, smooth into-the-grip loading has won me over. The tip tracks straight, with no bounce on the end of your casting stroke that I truly dislike on many overly-soft glass rods. I think the ICE will grow on me.

Next stop....Water.

Cane and Silk
Mike Kattner

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