Monday, December 18, 2017

Tying the Mouline Midge

The Mouline Midge

The Mouline Midge is not a new pattern design. It is in fact a very basic and time proven midge style. This pattern/video is a demonstration of a technique for using Mouline cross-stitch yarn on your tying bench. This technique creates a very inexpensive and easy to create material for many patterns, and the result provides a very effective attribute to this pattern. 

Materials shown are Copic Markers,  Mouline "Pearlescent Effects" #E746 yarn, and UV Epoxy

I begin by forming 4 eight inch loops of the yarn. I then form an over-hand loop on one end (for hanging and management).  

At the running end of the loops I cut them off, forming a loop on one end of eight 6" strands.  

Then using the point of your bodkin and beginning at the overhand knot, sweep it it down through each strand separating them into individual fibers. 

Once separated, lay them on a piece of printer paper and color the strands with the Copic marker.

A single strand forms the midge under-body.

The Mouline Midge Tying Video

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