Tuesday, January 16, 2018

2018 Winterfest

2018 Winter Opener

This year's opener was a record setting one for the group. The morning started out at 6 degrees, with a layer of 1" clear slush in the waters surface. Add keeping a watchful eye out for passing shelf ice and you could call it cold and a little sketchy. But....the option was "not fishing", therefore we donned our gear and got in the water.

Len, warming fingers

Re-rigging takes on a whole new life when you can't feel your fingers.

Doug had the 1st hookup, but it ended with a break-off, as did our first 3 hoop-ups of the day. Could have been too much pressure, or ice. Either way, we were not doing well to the net.

About mid-morning I finally convinced another fish to pick up my #6 Coyote Ugly...and the fight was on. Heavy fish.

Tying The Coyote Ugly 

Problem was....my reel was frozen solid, and I only had about 30ft of line out that I would manage the fish with. I was essentially fishing with an 8'3" 6wt Tenkara rod. 

Thank goodness for a little room to run (or as close to running an old fat guy wearing waders in 9 degree weather can get anyway), and the net work of Len....we landed her. 

The ice gave up an estimated 28" hen. 

It was a quick recovery and even after a lengthy fight, she was impatient to get back and shot away with strength. 

The only fish landed on the trip, but a great weekend overall, and we will take it.  Along with the still recovering fingers and toes. 

Good friends and good water. 


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