Monday, January 22, 2018

Tying The Micro Skunk

The Micro Skunk

The Micro Skunk is a variation of a variation. While steelheading in the Pacific Northwest during the mid-90's, the spin fishermen were doing well with micro-jigs under a casting bubble. The most popular pattern seemed to be a #10 jig pattern variation of the Green Butt Skunk. I began tying it as a beadhead and it has since done well for me on both coasts. Though the materials have changed over the years, the pattern has remained the same. It has done well for me for both trout and as a popper-dropper in warm water.

The Micro Skunk

Hook:  #14-#16 Orvis Beadhead
Bead:  Black Nickel
Thread: Black
Tail:  Red Tippet
Butt:  Green Hareline
Rib:  X-small Silver Wire
Abdomen:  Tying Thread
Hackle:  Black
Thorax:  Black Ice-Dub

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