Wednesday, January 24, 2018

One's Better Judgement

SO...about 15 years ago, I had a disagreement with the owner of a company that makes a very nice fly fishing product.  The company had decided to place an advertising badge on the home page of their website for Greenpeace. Now, I don't know what your affiliation is with this group, nor do I really care. But I in fact despise them, as an enemy of the sporting community. They are against all bloodsport, would shut down hackle companies if given the chance, and basically stand against everything that we are. I know, I fishermen are not "the same" as hunters (of which GP uses to make most of their marketing) to some. We like to distance ourselves as "higher on the sporting ladder". But in reality we are not. Wearing organic underwear, living in a solar tiny house  and lying to yourself when you say tofu crab tastes just like real crab does not turn fishing of any kind into a non-bloodsport. So in my mind, to support GP is to support a group that is against the very same community that buys your product. Makes sense to can make your own judgement. 

Anyway...I called and spoke my peace, we had it out n the phone, I vowed to never use the product again, and for about 15 years I did not. 

Then a few weeks ago greed grabbed my mind with it's dirty little hands as I saw one of those things  for 50% off. Now, I never said it was a poorly made product. Quite the opposite, But my better judgment lost the argument, and I bought one. I knew it was wrong. I knew better. As a result....on my first fishing trip of the year, while crossing the creek on the first day....Between ice and a slip that could have turned out very bad. A tether broke, and that product was swept down an ice filled stream. 

I can hear the teachers voice as if it was yesterday...."Mister Long...MISTER LONG!.....PLEASE turn around in your seat and pay attention!"

I reckon we are never too old to be taught a lesson. 

If you release them, you are always catching "Tomorrow's fish".

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