Saturday, March 3, 2018

My Favorite Crossover Pattern

Little Crappie Fly

The LCF had its beginnings as a Crappie streamer. A task that it has been very successful at. But probably more than any other pattern to come out of my vise, the LCF is a true cross-over pattern. It not only crosses over from warm to cold water fisheries, it also crosses over in application. 

It is by far my favorite spring Speck pattern, sunk deep and stripped in as a streamer. 

For gills it  is a killer nymph pattern on a floating line and twitch retrieved

For bass it is effective twitch retrieved alone or on a dropper under a bassbug

And back to a streamer  on a floating line and a varied retrieve for Pickerel

And then on a winter trip for trout I tied it on as a nymph drifted beneath an indicator

The results were better than expected

On most any water I fished, the LCF proved effective


The little panfish streamer has become one of my favorite high water nymphs. 

Give it a try

And let us know what your favorite crossover pattern is.

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