Sunday, April 15, 2018

Opening Day 2018


Opening day 2018 found my Daughter and I on Fishing Creek with friends. It was a beautiful day that was also kind enough to offer up a few fish as well.  

Productive flies were TC2, Pink Squirmy and Apricot Egg.

Aimee was on fish to start things off.  Many thanks to Len for netting this fish and several more. 

A nice fat Rainbow took her Apricot Egg

This buck was looking for an Apricot Egg as well.

The TC2 brought this colored up Brown to hand

The day came to a close with the two of us sharing the "Bend Pool" and Aimee netting this  final rainbow that couldn't resist a Pink Squirmy.

A great day on the water and memories made with family and friends. 

The TC2

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