Friday, April 6, 2018

The Final Essentials Box

The Final Pennsylvania Essentials Box

After much deliberation the final tally or my Essentials/Jump box came to 42 flies. All of which includes 2/4 each of my favorite flies for the waters I regularly hit throughout the season. These 14 patterns easily account for 60-70% of my fishing throughout the year. 

(Top-2-Bottom & Left-2-Right)

TC2 Nymph
Trico Spinner/Sulphur Crackleback
Squirrels Nest Nymph
EHC #16 & 14
C2C Nymph
LTD March Brown / Sulphur
RP Starling Wet
Cree Variant / Limestone
McFlyfoam Eggs (Iliamna Pink/Steelhead Orange/Apricot)
Little Crappie Fly (Far Left)
Golden retriever (Far Right)

Could I add more?....Sure. With easily another 6-7 heavy hitters. But they are pattern far more water or time of year specific. 

If you had to build a similar box for your water....what would it look like? 

Would love to hear it.

See you on the water!

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