Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Building Spring Boxes

Building the Spring Boxes

With Opening day traditions fast approaching, time to cull patterns not needed and restock those that are.  

Still working on the Nymph/Streamer box.

The Dry Box

First and foremost, the LTD bins are ready.


Wets and Midge Box

Love wets. And a magnet box is a requirement for me and midge patterns on the water.  Trust me, chumming Griffith Gnats does not work.


San Juan and Squiggly Box

Traditionalists please avert your eyes.  But This box has saved many a day. Wouldn't leave home without it. 


Bead Box

New for this year....Trout Beads  Spent a lot of hours tying these puppies up. Notice how perfect I got them?  


And finally!...The most important box.

The Essentials Box.

30 flies

(Still missing 3 LTD's and 3 EHC's)

This box remains in my truck along with a 7' 4wt Cane and Silk Glass rod and a 100yd spool of 4lb Stren Flourocast for tippet.

See you on the water!

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