Thursday, June 9, 2022

June Poppers

Summer temps bring on top-water action 

On both large and small warmwater haunts, summer signals popper time.  Nearly all species on a given water will start aggressively hunting the lilies, shorelines and shallows. 

Deer hair bugs and foam Wogs can provide exciting takes and great action.

Bluegill will take poppers they aren't even capable of swallowing

Tying the Firecracker 

Tubes and kayaks in the lily pads provide the perfect situation for dropping poppers in those tiny pockets

Top water fishing is such a visual method of fly fishing, which absorbs your focus.  

Tying the Gurgling Frog

Walking the banks of smaller ponds and catch basins can bring nice fish to hand

Scenes such as this...water glass calm...become violent acts of nature when bass begin to look up

Dust off the bass rod and grab a handful of poppers.  

See you on the water!


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