Monday, June 15, 2015

Angler Under Glass

Vintage LLBean Angler-2 Reel

Recently, I was fortunate enough to find a mint condition never lined LLBean reel of 70's vintage.  The Angler-2 reel is a copy of the Martin model MG-7SS reel, re-dressed for LLBean. While these reels are not uncommon to find in expected used condition, seldom do you find a 40 year old reel that was built for fishing, yet had never even been christened with line. Let alone a fish.

This had me thinking. To pair this reel up with a modern graphite rod for it's maiden voyage would not only feel odd, it would simply be wrong. SO....turning to a 7' 5wt Glass rod I was hopeful the reel seat would accommodate the reel. Surprisingly, it was a perfect match, fitting better than the new reel in which I had originally purchased for the rod. It felt natural that this reel was paired with the style rod it was built for so many years ago.

Next was a line. I chose a late model Cortland DT5 line to complete the package, and headed for the closest water known to hold fish. 

I can honestly say this rig performed flawlessly. It balanced well and threw a line as far as I tried to throw it. With a #8 Foam-Butt Caddis on the terminal end, the reel was fittingly christened as it was designed to do. It brought a good number of smallish bass to hand, as well as a couple dozen panfish.  And I even put a few of the bass on the reel just so I could here it "sing" as they ran through the lily pads. Pictured above is the first fish hooked. I think this rig will stay together a long, long time. Even with all the state-of-the-art machined reels we have flooding the sport, this classic cast & painted reel shined on the day in simple perfection.

See you on the water

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