Sunday, June 21, 2015

Fathers Day

Fathers Day

We had hoped originally to visit some trout waters for the afternoon, however overnight thunderstorms had their own thoughts on how the day should go. Not to be deterred, a non-drainage or creek-fed pond was identified. Like expected, it was the only non-muddied water within a 30 minute drive. 

Both fat gills and Bass were eager to chase on top.  

For mid-day, the fish were more active and willing to look up than expected.

Being 100% sold on Tenkara, this was his first try at warmwater with the 12' rod. It proved up to the task and he adapted just fine. The 3wt Sylk level line and 6' 8lb tippet was just the ticket for the #10 Foam-Butt Caddis, even with a steady wind to deal with. He took quick to flipping the fly into the small pockets among the lily pads.

 Add to that my girls all called home from abroad, my wife cooked me breakfast, plus a huge steak for dinner and I found out I was to be a Grandpop to a soon-to-arrive grand-daughter....Life is good.  

Hard to beat that on Fathers Day. 

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