Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Queen of the Waters

Queen of the Waters

Catskill Style

The "Queen of the Waters" as history has it, was originally tied in wet fly fashion by the brothers Professor John Wilson and Professor James Wilson. The pattern is said to have its roots in the "Professor" pattern as well and accepted history is that it was also the pattern (in wet) that Theodore Gordon caught his first fish on.

The Queen of the Waters has been tied in just about every style that fly tying has to offer. Due partly because it lends itself artistically in style, and also as a testament to that fact that it has continued to catch fish through generations.

Queen of the Waters
(As tied by Ray Bergman)
Courtesy of FlyAnglers OnLine

This pattern is my personal benchmark in tying Catskill style patterns. It is the most difficult of all the Catskills (for me) to tie correctly and consistently. Whenever I feel the need to tie in that style, I sit down at the vise and knock out a 1/2 dozen or so Queens. Once I get my proportions right, I know I am ready to move on.

But don't let history fool you into thinking this patterns effectiveness is lacking. It has proven itself on both western and eastern pocket water, bringing many of both Cascade Cutts and Northeastern Brookies to hand over the years. 

Give this pattern a try at the vise....then put it in your box.

Queen of the Waters Recipe

Hook: #10 Mustad 94831
Thread:  8/0 Tan Uni-thread
Tail:  Medium Pardo CDL
Abdomen:  Orange Floss
Rib:  Small Gold Tinsel
Body Hackle: Greenwell
Wing: Mallard Flank
Hackle:  Greenwell

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