Saturday, July 18, 2015

Following Storms

Slow night following the storms

 Hit a local pond last night that usually brings fish to the surface. But the water was up a bit from the storms of the past few days and a little cooler. I probably saw only 5-6 bass boils over a 3 hour period. I'm stubborn on warmwater and stuck with surface flies, and it proved my undoing for the evening. Patience paid off in the last 20 minutes of daylight at least, with 2 small bass and this one gill coming on a blonde Foam-butt Caddis. I took the pic of the gill because of the brilliant colors it was showing, but the flash killed the blues in the low light. All the fins and gill-plate were rimmed in a neon blue, and the breast and pectoral fin were a bright orange.  A beautiful fish.

Still, a good night on the water.

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