Sunday, July 19, 2015

Quill Gordon (Slate Drake)

Quill Gordon

(Slate Drake)

The Quill Gordon is a pattern known by all with a history embedded deep within the roots of the Catskill history generations deep. Recently, many have walked past it in their tying lives however, thinking it's use is surpassed by more recent patterns. Sadly, it's effectiveness on the water as well as the style of tying is lost to those same people.

I have found the Catskill patterns to be both very effective over the years along with being a joy to tie. My favorite being this particular variation of the Quill Gordon when fishing over Pennsylvania's Slate Drake hatch. I hope it adds to your box as well.

Image Courtesy  of "Flyfishingconnection"
Isobychia (Eastern Slate Drake)

Quill Gordon Recipe

Hook:  #14 Standard Dry Fly
Thread:  8/0 Dark Brown
Tail:  Medium Pardo CDL
Abdomen:  Stripped Peacock Quill
Wing;  Mallard Flank
Hackle:  Golden Speckled Badger

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