Monday, August 3, 2015

Putting a SPIN on Family

First Morning

      There are a few times each year that I put the fly rod away and grab the spinning gear. The largest of those is the family vacation on LBI, NJ.  Once there, the world turns to everybody gathering on the water whenever the tide is right, to toss cut bait into the surf. The goal is not aimed at measurable fish as-in Stripers, Blues, Fluke, etc. Instead, the goal is to get everybody present on a given year hooked into a fish. The most common being small sandsharks, skates and cow-nosed rays. 

First sunrise on the island

I was able to make the first sunrise and have a little bit of action in the solitude

5-to -10 pound skates were the catch of the day while watching the sun rise over the water.

Beneath July's Blue Moon

Not all the fish are small. Nor the fishermen.

And the fun lasts into the night.

You cannot put a price tag or gear type on the smiles that are had each year. The memories are better than any other. And where folks doubted they were fishermen.....they soon learn otherwise. And the old guys get to recall how it was they came to the rod and reel in the beginning. 

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