Monday, August 31, 2015

Bass, Glass & Divers

Lilies Under Glass

In South Jersey one learns quick that you can't beat the heat.  And in August with no trout about, a fly fisherman must look to the Lilies.  It's been said "When in Rome, do as the Romans", but I think the Jersey fishermen were all in the Colosseum, since none were on the water at all. No problem in my mind, since I had the entire lake to myself and 3 hours of daylight remaining. Life was good.

It took me about 30 minutes to figure them out, with nothing showing interest in anything I threw until tying on a Mule Deer Diver.

Even the Gills were looking up for the Diver.

Few fish were found around the edges. Most all were holding in open water under the lilly pads, which left pockets of 1-3ft to drop your offering into. Throw in the algae of late summer and the evening was stalking an opening, slap your bug down, 2-3 twitches...and move on if no take.

Miss your mark and life became a world of a South Jersey pond vegetation and all that summer brings. But hit your mark and the takes were aggressive and the fish came to fight.

Most of the fish were in the 10-12" range with some larger Gills showing up to the foray throughout the evening.

But as is normally the case, with some persistence the larger fish were there for the taking. The night give up 3-4 nice heavy fish, with one that proved too much for my 7wt and the lily stalks. A smart fish, who won the day.  But those are the fish that bring us back.

Hope all are making the best of the summer heat and getting on some water.

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