Sunday, August 9, 2015

Profiling a Pond with Glass

Johnson Profile 800

Recently, I was able to trade for a Johnson/Phillipson 8' 7wt Profile 800 glass rod in a search for  a glass bass rod, and tonight was the first chance to get it on the water,  Rigged with an LLBean Angler 2 and WF6 Orvis Warmwater line, it proved to be an awesome trade.

The first fish to christen the rod was a fat little Gill, and why would I expect anything otherwise.  The rod proved to be unbelievably accurate. Allowing me to drop my fly into the smallish pockets free of August algae.

The casting stroke was a perfect fit and exactly what I was hoping for, with plenty of backbone yet not too much. 

Late summer, small ponds, poppers & glass. 
A perfect combination with  bit of 1963 renaissance thrown in.

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