Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Tying the Mahogany Dun

Mahogany Dun 

The Mahogany Dun is a perfect match for the late august Slate Drakes of Pennsylvania. Tied as a near twin to the Quill Gordon, the body material is changed to more closely match the Slate Drake hatch. The Mahogany is a time-honored pattern that still brings fish to the surface year-after-year.

Slate Drake
(Courtesy "The Trout Zone")

Mahogany Dun Recipe

Hook:  #14 Standard Dry fly
Thread:  6/0 Dark Brown Uni-thread
Wing: Natural Mallard Flank
Tail:  Medium Pardo CDL
Abdomen: Furnace Hackle Quill
Hackle:  Golden Speckled Badger

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