Friday, October 9, 2015

Christening a P.H. Young Perfectionist

Christening new bamboo on home waters

With a new P.H. Young Perfectionist in hand for the past few months, I was able to hit the home waters on Fishing Creek near Benton PA. It was to be the first chance on good water to test the rod, having had an earlier go on the Tully, however the water did not cooperate.  it must have been karma I reckon, since what better place than home waters to christen a new rod anyway?

Even more fitting was the 1st fish on the new 7 1/2' 4wt coming to an LTD tied in BWO.  It was quite the exclamation point to a rod I had planned for many years, as I watched that little rainbow rise and sip in the little #16 fly.  The feeling of satisfaction felt as  the rod bowed in my hand was a moment I will carry forward.

 Lulbegrud Creek Fly Rods

I will pause and add that none of this would have been enjoyed without Dave Cottengim's craftsmanship at Lulbegrud Creek Fly Rods. The build on this rod is flawless, and it casts even better than it looks when coupled with a Cortland Classic 444 Peach DT4 line. It lays out dry flies 60 feet with ease and was able to manage an indicator/nymph rig up to #12 bead head as well, when I did my part. I couldn't ask more of the rod. 

Thanks Dave!

It was a great day on some picture perfect water.  Skinny water that required some due diligence on approach, but cool temps due to the recent storms made the fish active. Fish came to many flies. To include the LTD and EHC on the top, and the Valley Caddis, C2C  and Squirrels Nest nymphs subsurface.

Tying the Valley Caddis

The largest fish of the day, came to a #12 Valley Caddis. Once the fly did it's job the new rod handled this football of a fish nicely, with no need at all to put the fish on the reel. 

My thanks again to Chuck for being kind enough to leave rising fish to snap a quick pic. 

Did I say that I love this rod?

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