Monday, October 5, 2015

Tying the Friday Streamer

The Friday

                          I began tying this streamer several years ago and it was aptly named after making its debut on the water an excellent one, which happened to be a Friday. Fishing the Tulpehocken near the Refrigerator Hole it brought fish after fish with aggressive strikes, and has since done very well across most of Pennsylvania when streamers are the soup du jour. It's a great bright day streamer, and when stripped across shallow riffles. 

Friday Recipe

Hook:  #6-4 Daiichi 2370 7X
Thread:  6/0 Black
Rib:  Fine Silver Tinsel
Body:  Blue Floss
Belly:  Red Bucktail
Back: Rootbeer Bucktail
Wing:  Grizzly Hen
Shoulder:  Ringneck Rump

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