Saturday, October 24, 2015

Colors, Caddis & Gills

Colors, Caddis & Gills

With fall quickly approaching and a bright afternoon beckoning, the chance of some late season surface action was on my mind.

No wind, no algae and no surface activity to speak of. At first glance water that was normally full of activity towards late afternoon appeared dead. I decided to tie on a Ginger Foam Butt Caddis and go prospecting.

The #6 stinger-hooked FBC was the only fly I tied on the rest of the evening. 

Fall colors were quickly found on a night of hungry gills. This was the first and smallest of the evening. They hit hard, fought like champs and ran me through the weeds like old veterans of the bogs.

A clone of the 18-20 fish just like it that came to hand. Gills with shoulders, all on top and all on the same fly. A great night on the water, but I fear possibly the end to my surface warm-water action of 2015. 

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