Saturday, August 27, 2016

Morning Bass

Morning Bass

This morning happened....and at 5:30 I was having a serious discussion with Parkinsons. It wasn't cooperating, it wasn't playing nice, and I was not going to get any more sleep. 

SO...I went fishing.

First Bass of the Morning

The fish were feeding from dawn until about 8:30, but all of about the same cookie-cutter size. They were slashing and cutting minnows, and I was able to get them to take a Black Gurgler with a fair amount of success. 

There was no hesitation on the take and they put on the show. Then when the sun began to heat up.....they stopped. But that worked because I was shutting down at 9:00 either way. When I got out of the water, my feet still hurt....but I had caught well over a dozen fish on the surface. A fair trade in exchange for not being able to sleep.

The Gurgler

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