Thursday, August 25, 2016

Pond Running on the Clock

CGR 7/8 & Mule Deer Diver

While shuttling my youngest to an event last night, I was afforded a chance to hit a nearby lake for about 1 1/2hrs before I was needed again for pickup.  Tying on a Mule Deer Diver, the CGR 7/8 hit the water.

The night was a bit slow for this water, but through the short visit I managed two 9" bass, 1 cow of a female bluegill and 1 decent bass. The blue\gill was a good 10"+ and she ran me around a bit even with the 7wt. Eventually she bogged herself in grass and I was able to drag her in grass and all. While clearing the grass she dropped off. She was pale and heavy with little to no color except for the gill plate.

I nice stop for a quick fix

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