Sunday, May 21, 2017

A Real Crappie Evening

Hit a pond last night and was pleasantly surprised to find the evenings special was "Crappie on top, with a side of Wog." 


Caught at least a dozen over the course of an hour on one end of the water and then....they stopped. And like a switch had been flipped, the Bluegill and Bass went back to their regularly scheduled programming. 

When they are on and surface feeding, it's fun to witness the "chase". The entire pond comes to life as minnows swim for their lives and fish are cutting the schools.

The usual suspects were at large as well, once the Crappie feeding bell rang an end to the nights festivities. 

I think this big bull thought it was a musky, judging by the way it chased and rolled over the popper. 

Where the Crappie left off the bass took over, scattering bait fish through the shallows on the other end. 

One fly entered the water and one fly left the water. But this poor little Wog was chewed and battered, and as a result was retired with honors at the end of it's swim.

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