Monday, May 22, 2017

Gurgling Wog Revisited

The Gurgling Wog

The Gurgling Wog was the first pattern of the Wog Trio, and has proven itself tenfold year-after-year. After numerous calls for a better video and a current post, The original post has been revisited with hopes the pattern will do as much on the water for you as it continues to do for me.

Gurgling Wog Recipe

Hook:  #4 B10S Gamakatsu Stinger
Thread:  Black 210 Danville
Tail:  Olive Bucktail
Hackle:  Cree / Dark Barred Ginger
Abdomen:  Sculpin Brown Wooly Bugger Chenille
Legs:  Speckled-brown Centipede legs
Shell:  Black Razor Foam

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