Sunday, November 5, 2017

A Perfect Fall Day on Fishing Creek

Aimee's 1st Trout on a Fly

With the weather and water improving, and a chance to fish with my daughter on more productive water than our last outing, we chose to meet up with a good friend on Fishing Creek. The goal was to get Aimee on her first trout with the fly rod. Well....... 

The day started off clear and cold. Numb fingers and that first cold wade across was an eye-opener.

But despite the chill and numb fingers the fish didn't seem to mind. Egg patterns and caddis emergers were the early flies of choice.

And before long this fat bow decide to take an egg. 

The ice was broken!

This Rainbow was a fun ride with the Cane & Silk glass

And Aimee hooked into one of the prettiest male bows I've seen in quite a while.

The last and best fish of the day though, belonged to the rookie, with this hog of a bow.

I think she is as hooked as the trout were.

But even better than catching the fish, was the opportunity to share them.

An absolutely perfect day.

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