Sunday, November 8, 2015

Gurglers and Gills

The Grizzly X-Gurgler

Tonight with a couple hours of daylight remaining, I hit the door with my CGR and a half dozen #10 Grizzly X-Gurglers. No pretense on where I was was to be a bluegill night. No need for a fly box, poppers and buggers. I would not need them. I was heading for a 1 acre pond and gills in fall colors.

They did not disappoint. Willing to rise to my diminutive offering, they gave the little DT4 a workout.

Throwing the X-Gurgler to Bluegills is like tossing a Snickers bar to a group of kids...they're gonna pick it up once the figure out what it is.

The rise often coming telegraphed by a torpedo-like rush from the weeds. The little grizzly and foam offering took a beating, but held up well with the initial fly lasting the night and 20+ fish. No summer sluggish fights tonight. They were in attack and run mode.

Some days are just meant to be bluegill days. A beautiful fish that fights like hell and takes a fly with gusto. 

Tying the X-Gurgler Video

See you on the water

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