Monday, November 2, 2015

WindKnots & Tangled Lines Contest

The Piscatorial Prize!

This summer, one of my favorite sites on the web ran a contest for a new slogan to be used on the site. I was humbled to get the email that my entry was selected. 

""Everything I needed to know about fly fishing I learned from a jar of salmon eggs"

It meant even more to me because it was inspired by my Dad, gone since 1998,  he was my favorite fishing partner. Later in life he would comment to me, "not to get too high in the britches with fly fishing, because everything I knew about fly fishing he had already taught me with this" , and he would hold up his polar creel and a jar of salmon eggs. Which was identical to the one I still own today since they were bought together. 

I have to apologize for the lapse of announcement and post. Things just slipped by me as fast as the rest of the summer has. But a very big "THANK YOU" to Howard both for the prize contents as well as the choice of my words.

If you are looking for a great site to check out where you can enjoy a look at fly fishing from all angles, give "Windknots & Tangled Lines" a visit. 

 Windknots & Tangled Lines

See you on the water!

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