Thursday, November 5, 2015

Tying With Bullwinkle

Four very productive Moose Hair patterns

(L-R,  M&M Nymph, Neon Moose, Blue Moose, M&M Tenkara)

Moose body hair is one of the most common materials found in a fly tyers bench. It's excellent for tailing, wing cases, shellbacks, and is often added to bucktails. Yet except for larger nymphs, it is often overlooked as a tying material. Moose body hair, or at least the right "type" of moose body hair is one of the best "larva" style body materials on small nymphs and wet flies. Especially when coated. When coated, it seems to "pop" with an almost natural appearing body. 

But, Not all moose body hair is the same. While it is all sold under the same name, you are looking for the larger, less useful version actually. On the left you see a near perfect patch of moose body hair. For tailing that is. straight, with a fine stiff black tip.  On the right is a lesser grade of moose body hair.....but notice the thick cream bases fading to a tannish-brown midsection and then a soft thin black tip. THAT is what you want.

My choice of coating is Bug bond, a UV resin. But Sally Hansen "Hard As Nails" works excellent as well. I feel the UV Resin brings out the color of accent ribbing a bit better. 

A Rainbow that couldn't resist the M&M Nymph


For tying videos of the above patterns, all 4 are found in the Video Archive

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