Friday, November 13, 2015

The Streamer Hatch

When the leaves fall, the Streamer Hatch comes off

Each year the fall signals one of my favorite hatches. The Streamer hatch. It's that time of year when streamers of all kinds begin to shine and most times the largest fish of the season come to hand. 

This year the box is filled with 8 patterns. Four of which are Bugger/Zonker  patterns and four more tied in classic bucktail fashion. Of the bucktails, 2 of them are converted feather-wing patterns, which will be new for this year. Their original twins have done very well for me over the years, but with last years success with bucktails, I felt I would give their conversions a try.


Ralph's Little Pine, The Guinness Trout, The Golden Retriever & The Black Mohair Leech

These 4 patterns are my stable of weighted nymphs, doubling as both dredging nymphs and fished beneath an indicator.


The Yella Dog, The Furnace Green, The Firehole & The Northwest Jack

These four bucktail patterns will carry their weight in my box this fall.  The Firehole and Northwest Jack are both longtime patterns. The Furnace Green and Yella Dog are the bucktails twins to their Featherwing patterns, tied with bucktail to compliment the originals. Hopefully they will prove to be as productive.

Yella Dog Bucktail Recipe

Hook:  Daiichi 2070 #4
Thread:  6/0 Black
Rib/Tag:  Small Silver Tinsel
Body:  Yellow Floss
Throat:  Red Tippet
Wing:  Bucktail  (Rootbeer/Brown/Black)

Furnace Green Bucktail Recipe

Hook:  Daiichi 2070 #4
Thread:  6/0 Black
Rib/Tag:  Small Gold Tinsel
Body:  Green Floss
Throat:  Red Tippet
Wing:  Bucktail  (Rootbeer/Black/Rootbeer)

NOTE:  Videos for all other listed patterns are found in the "Video Archives"

Its the  season of short leaders and ferocious strikes.

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