Monday, November 16, 2015

Yellow Breeches

Fall on the Yellow Breeches

After a long season, I was finally able to get on the Breeches for a couple hours before winter sets in. Sunny, 61 degrees and clear water made it almost impossible to drive past. With not a lot of time to spare, I chose to hit a familiar stretch. The Allenberry Run. 

The water was skinny, but it did not let me down, bringing a nice little Brown to hand just below the barrier wall in the first few minutes, courtesy of the Golden Retriever.

First 2015 Breeches Trout

Working from the barrier wall downstream to the bend, I was able to pick up 2 more just like the first one. All on the Golden Retriever.

Working upstream of the wall 2 more fish came to hand. Both on the C2C nymph. The last which was the largest of the day, a strong 17 incher which put up a great fight.  

All 5 fish were Browns. The largest 2 coming to the C2C nymph.

A great visit to beautiful water

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