Monday, January 18, 2016

Cabelas CGR 7'6" 5/6 Review

Cabelas CGR 7'6" 5/6 Weight

This weekend was the first opportunity to get the new CGR on the water. I was not disappointed. Teamed with an Heddon 320 and an Orvis Hydros WF6 line, the little rod impressed.

Average rig was a tandem bead-head configuration, or a single bead-head and egg dropper with split-shot. It handled all very well. The only shortcoming it has (no pun intended) was the length had to be managed when picking up the heaviest rigs downstream. An issue with most shorter rods when heavy nymphing, although even more so with glass.

Playing big fish made this rod a standout for a 7'6" Glass Rod

The rod was christened on a heavy brown day one, and then several 20+ rainbow on the second day. An amazing rod once fish are hooked!  Not a single broken tippet and an absolute blast to work big fish on.

Terminal gear was a 5' hand-twisted leader built with 3X Orvis Superstrong tippet, and Rio Flouroflex Plus 5X tippet.Big fish, big runs....the rod shined.
Smooth casting, well built and priced right. This rod shines in the Glass arena in my opinion.

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