Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Winter Troutfest 2016

Rendezvous at Mayfly Meadows

2016 MLK weekend has come and gone with another Winter Troutfest in the books. The gathering commenced at Ron's place throughout the day Saturday, and folks wasted no time getting on water. The crew of 6 hit the water on a couple different locations depending on time of arrival. Most went to Little Fishing Creek, while later arrivals such as myself hit the water near the camp.

"Steak & Eggs" was the main course for me most of the trip, with the Apricot/Steelhead orange McFly egg bringing fish to the net.

While on the Little Fishing Creek the main crew was hitting them hard, bring some big fish to the net.

Ron with a 20" fish in the middle of winter. How do you beat that?

I think the smile says it all. Nice fish Len!

Great water and great fish. The weather was our friend for sure.

Once again, Jim plants a stake in the ground with another big fish of the trip. How does he do that while taking all these pictures?

Great fish!

And thanks for the camera work!

Once thawed out, fed and spirits in hand, the tying table is the evening schedule.

As the tying ensues, Ron checks the weather.

Your's truly, navigating the tying world of Bifocals and Guinness.

Day 2 began a tad bit colder, but still not your normal northeast January.

But look close and you can see whispers of what's to come.

Living the dream!

Back to Little Fishing Creek

Fishing was a bit slower on day 2 with colder temps and lower water. But the quality of fish were the same.

After a few missed attempts, the call for a "LARGER NET" was made.

The landing crew (Doug and Chris)
Many thanks Gents!

The man with the net!

Another fat rainbow

"Great fish, Great friends & Great water"?

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