Saturday, March 26, 2016

My Top 7 Streamers

My Top 7 Streamers

(Top-to-Bottom, Left-to-Right)

(Mohair Leech, Hen & Herl, Little Crappie Fly, Firehole, Golden Retriever, Northwest Jack, Ralph's Little Pine)

These seven streamers aren't just what makes up the bulk of my streamer fishing. These 7 are my streamer box. If I want or need to go to streamers, one of these 7 patterns will do the trick.

The Mohair Streamer fishes well on both streams and still-water, and is a standby for most fly fishermen.  I tie it in black, olive, purple and rust.

The Hen-&-Herl is the perfect pattern for eddies and shallow runs.

The Golden Retriever and Little Crappie Fly both fish equally as well as a nymph under and indicator or as a streamer on most any water.

The Firehole and Northwest Jack complete my bucktail stable.

Ralph's Little Pine is by far one of my top streamers, and fishes perfectly tight-lined.

For full tying video's on all 7 patterns visit my video archive:

Ralph's Fly Box Video Archives

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