Saturday, March 19, 2016

My Top 7 Trout Nymphs

My Top 7 Nymphs

(Left-to-Right, Top-to-Bottom)

Valley Caddis, Tactical Caddis, REC, C2C Nymph, Squirrels Nest, BWO Nymph, Green Skittle

I am currently under the process of rebuilding my trout boxes, changing style and sizes in an effort to avoid purchasing another pack. Going slimline where I can, matching box sizes with their places in the Fishpond Lumbar Guide that I'm currently using, etc. With dries, I just can't get myself to use anything but a compartment box. Therefore not much is changing on that aspect. But the nymph boxes (the largest of them) is all changing. And after organizing the layout, I sat back and reflected on which patterns I would take with me, to every water? Not just the hottest pattern on a given water....which ones would I feel well equipped with, if I had to choose across the entire region? 

Weeding out the "water specific" patterns, or patterns that for whatever reason do amazing on a particular water, but don't seem to catch a thing anywhere else, and setting aside eggs and streamers often fished as nymphs, I broke things down to seven patterns. In reality, these are the 7 nymphs that carry the vast majority of my time on the water, season after season. 

Browse the video archive, for tying videos on all 7 patterns.

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