Monday, March 21, 2016

Tying the Benton Caddis

Benton Caddis

After observing the primary caddis hatch on a stream just below Benton PA, last season, My goal was to tweak a pattern to replicate the bug from the "fish's eye-view". The result was a blend of 3 patterns. The EHC, CDC & Elk, and the Fluttering Caddis. After a full season of out-fishing my standard caddis patterns, it's here to stay. 

It floats well with durability and gives the perfect footprint on the water. 

The Benton Caddis Recipe

Hook:  #12 Orvis Tactical Dry Fly
Thread:  8/0 Olive-Dun 
Abdomen: Olive CDC
Thorax:  Brown Dry hackle
Wing: Light Elk

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