Friday, March 18, 2016

Gills of Spring

Christening the New Profile

Spring is officially here, and the Gills are hungry. The best way to shake off the shack nasties is some time on the water. Tonight, that water was a local pond.  The new Glass....casts like a dream. 

The fish would not take anything moving, unless it was descending. To give them what they wanted, A Foam Butt Caddis was tied on, and on an 18" dropper, a Little Crappie Fly. Twitch it and they left it alone. Just let the rings settle and they took it on the drop.

The Gills of Spring

The perfect way to ring in the new season. Glass and Gills

Went through 6 LCF's. Time to hit the bench. 

The Little Crappie Fly

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