Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Skinny Water Caddis (Prototype)

Skinny Water Caddis (Prototype)

The SWC was tied last season to test against the Benton Caddis, as an alternative to those bright bluebird days, clear water and skittish fish. I wanted another option to provide a distinct footprint, with attributes that would lend itself to being stripped under when the situations calls for a diving caddis. It did exceptionally well on 2 trips equaling one full day of fishing in both aspects. Hope to give it more time on the water this season. If you like it, give it a try. And by all means, let me know what you think,

The SWC's Footprint

SWC Recipe

Hook:  #14 Orvis Tactical Dry
Thread: 8/0 Brown Uni-thread
Abdomen:  Olive Turkey Biot
Hackle:  Natural Dun CDC Puff
Wing:  Bleached Yearling Elk
Thorax:  Eyed Peacock Herl

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