Friday, April 8, 2016

The Wet & Dry of Hackle

The Wet & Dry of Hackle

Both Patterns above are tied with the identical 4 materials 

6/0 Black UnithreadCDL TailingPMD Poly DubbingWhiting Silver Grade Dry Fly Neck

After my video "Tying in Dry Fly Hackle Techniques", I was asked by a good number of individuals to further explain what I meant by "dry fly fashion" or "wet fly fashion".

This video will help to answer that question, and hopefully add positively to your tying. It explains the meaning of the two terms, and why they are important. And how these principles can allow you to tie both the patterns shown here with the same hackle and materials, simply by allowing for the natural properties of the feathers you are working with.

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