Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Tying the Little Cree Wet

Little Cree Wet

The Little Cree Wet is one of my most consistent wet fly patterns, tied originally for Huntingdon Creek a number of years ago. It got its name from the hackle used, a JV Hen neck from Clearwater Hackle's predecessor "Conranch Hackle", in Cree. It has since done well on most all waters I wade. Fished in the film on a greased tipped, this little wet does the trick. 

Little Cree Recipe

Hook:  #12 Orvis Wide Gape Tactical
Thread:  8/0 Brown Uni-thread
Abdomen:  Fiery Brown/March Brown Turkey Biot
Thorax:  Pheasant tail Dubbing Blend
Hackle:  Cree Hen

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