Tuesday, April 11, 2017

CGR 7' 4/5wt Repairs

CGR 7' 4/5 Repairs

After 2 seasons with the first of the CGR's I purchased, the 7' 4/5wt, I fell on rocks last fall and aside from my pride being bruised the only real damage was to my rod. The rocks took a dime-sized chunk out of the cork at the juncture of the grip and seat, denting the seat cap as well.  

The Old Girl

In order to salvage things without rebuilding everything, the cork is now an inch shorter both to remove the damage and to fit the reel seat width. Likewise, an inch off the butt was trimmed to fit the seat length. 

Things worked out pretty well in the end. The seat is an upgrade, and is balanced nicely with the down locking hardware despite losing an inch of the backside.

She survives another year. 
Just a little shorter with age. :)

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