Saturday, April 15, 2017

2017 Opener in the Books

The 2017 season opener brought mild weather and great fish

After our clubs banquet Friday night, which is always a good time with friends, the opener greeted us in fine fashion.  My first fish coming to a C2C Nymph.

Ron was the first to hook up on the morning, as several heavy rainbows would test the bamboo.  


To include the biggest fish of the day

Fly of the day for me was the C2C Nymph, which accounted for 6 of he 7 fish I was able to bring to hand. 

The C2C Nymph

This 24 incher was my best if the day.

This 16 incher was the smallest fish on the day, proving one thing. I need a bigger net.

The largest Brown of the day was this Pretty colored 20"

2017 was christened with the Cane And Silk 7 1/2' 5Wt Glass Rod

And the Day also successfully tested a new pattern as well, which accounted for 2 fish on the day landed and 2 more broke off (my fault).

The RP Starling
(Video soon)

Another year of tradition with good friends.

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