Friday, April 28, 2017


Hackle Set

(Golden Badger Whiting#2 / Dun Hoffman #1, Dun Grizzly Collins #1, Brown Whiting #2)

I have 2 sets of 1/2 Necks. Of the 4 hackles, here is what they are.  The Golden Badger "may" have a dozen feathers used off of it. Same with the Dun Grizzly. The Brown is picked of #14 for the most part and the skin is ripped (careless on my part) . It's taped and has remained so for quite some time. Above and below #14 it is full. The Hoffman Dun is a wonderful neck. Unused and nearly worth the price of the set in itself. With all of them, they are duplicates in my bench. 

 Great starter packs covering most everything, with top quality hackle.

$50 Each
PayPal only

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