Saturday, April 29, 2017

Saturday Morning at Gill's Place


With temps rising and a good forecast this morning, It seemed like a good time to head over to Gill's place for a 2017 test-run of the float tube.

Gill's Place

First time for the tube 2017. The CGR 7/8 was the morning's rig.

The Gurgling Wog was all that was needed this morning.

Only 2 bass caught all morning. Both near clone of each other. But the gills were ready to chase big flies. First time of the year that colored-up Copper breasted males were found. A few were really good size and took the fly more like a bass than a bluegill.

One of the two bass

There is very little better than a big Gill on top. These were some of the prettiest fish I have caught.  The pics do the colors little justice.

See you on the water. 

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