Sunday, April 23, 2017

Wading A'muck in the Land of Lilies

Gurgling Wog Scores 1st Chain Pickerel of the year

With hopes of finding a sizable bass willing to look up, Today I grabbed the CGR 7/8 and the new chest pack courtesy of Gampa Mel, and headed for the newly showing lily pads. 

And what I found was a piscatorial cornucopia

First fish of the day was a Pickerel that crushed my fly like he hadn't  eaten all winter. I reckon that could have been the case?

Followed by a basket full of half-pounders that would not let the FBC go by. 

A handful of gills made a showing, But the day belonged to the bss.

Moving from the waders to walking the bank on another nearby pond, the bass got larger. 

The big fly was a #6 FBC twitched ever so slightly.

Looks like warmwater season may be here to stay!

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